We’ve loved these two for a long time. We were at uni with them and we’ve been looking forward to this wedding for ages! 

Joe & Charlie-Rose planned a whole weekend of fun with lots of guests joining them at Gregynog Hall on Friday night and not leaving until after mud sliding on Sunday morning. The party started with setting up and drinks on Friday. Guests found their rooms and settled into life in the spectacular hall.

Team Bride stayed in a little cottage in the Gregynog grounds. Charlie’s family were all there with her getting excited and ready in equal measure. She’d picked the perfect combo with Chelle to help with makeup, Charlie-bob on hair and Jason keeping the morale high. They even made their own gorgeous bouquets and flower crowns. Oh and isn’t her vintage dress incredible.

The guys spent the morning getting ready in the house, joining the other guests for breakfast. Then getting ready in their rooms upstairs and entertaining baby Leo.

The ceremony took place in the main hall. The trumpet sounded as Charlie-Rose and her Dad walked down the aisle. She and Joe were sweet saying their vows, they’ve never been a pair to hide what they’re feeling and at their wedding all the guests joined them. There was a reading from his sister and perfectly sculpted words from her Mum. And there were more than a few tears of joy.

Legal details tied up, tears mopped up the newly weds got on with the far more important business of cakes and friends. There was mingling and music. Friends and relatives filled the lounge and music room. Their choir friends sang a few pieces while we took group photos in the beautiful library.

 Back in the main hall dinner was served at long banqueting tables. Each place was set with a line of poetry chosen by the couple that guest. The speeches were another rollercoaster of emotion, thank goodness for a best man with a ridiculous blonde wig who got some big laughs. Huge sharing dishes of pasta were brought out and guests got stuck in serving and slurping with each other.

Joe & Charlie-Rose took a quick a breather in the honeymoon suite for a little practise of the their first dance then got back to their guests for more singing around the piano. We fired up the photo booth with this incredible moon backdrop made by one of their groomsmen. The evening was full of games, dancing, poys twirling and some very bright outfits. As it got late guests slowly peeled off to their rooms and the lounge dipped into quiet late night chat.