Richard & Lauren’s families each rented a house for the wedding. It was a great plan giving them plenty of space in a gorgeous home and still being able to have their own snacks. Richard had a huge team of his extended family with kids playing and adults drinking cups of tea. They suited up and headed over to Cripps Barn.

Lauren and her bridesmaids spent the morning being pampered by the lovely ladies doing their hair and makeup team. They toasted the bride with glasses of champagne then rode over to the venue in a Jaguar. After a quick chat with the registrars it was time to walk down the aisle. The room was packed out with friends, and decorated with foliage. Candles flickered on the mantlepiece above the couple as they made their promises.

It was lovely to head back out into the crisp Autumn air for celebratory drinks. Guests chatted in the courtyard and we took group photos and pictures of the couple looking over the countryside. Back inside guests took seats ready for the entrance of the Bride and Groom. There were funny speeches including limericks from Richard’s Dad and the gift of a drum from the best man. The Bridesmaids hosted the wager on the length of the speeches… and were delighted to win it!

For dinner the venue served huge sharing platters with tasty cuts of meat then great puddings. It made for a very happy room of guests.

In the evening the Cripps Barn staff lit fire-pits and set out blankets outside. Richard and Lauren cut the wedding cake and had their first dance. Their incredible band got busy leading barn dances stopping only briefly for pizza break. The night finished up with a fireworks display for guests gathered on the steps outside.