We've known Jess since our uni day and she is a such a ray of sunshine! We love that she dressed her bridesmaids in a whole bright rainbow of colours. All the ladies got ready together with Jess at her parents' house and Hayden's Dad brought his classic car to chauffeur  Jess to the church. 

The bridesmaids were ready for the procession into church when Jess arrived. It was a sweet ceremony with all the traditional details. The church choir sang to entertain guests as the newly weds signed the registers and made it all official. With all the ceremonial details taken care of there was time for important family business... everyone joined in singing "Happy Birthday" to Hayden's Mum.

Afterwards there was confetti and celebrating as the crowd sent them on their way. We stopped for photos with the bridesmaids and ushers, J & H had a jump on the trampoline, then we joined in the fun at Bredon Village Hall. 

The room was set for dinner with a different set of favours on each table (each one a fun symbol of somewhere important in their relationship). Look out for the funny props and tasty treats in the photos. 

Guest tucked into a tasty buffet and listened intently to the speeches. Afterwards it was time to cut the cake. A friend had lovingly created it, complete with models of the bride and groom canoeing on the top tier.  It was a lovely evening for chatting outside or joining in the dancing inside. The band sang for their first dance and Hayden even joined in to sing a piece later in the evening! 


Their Engagement Photos

in the Lickey Hills