This pair got married down in the woods at Hothorpe Hall, with their sweet baby daughter and surrounded by family and friends. 

Loren had spent the morning getting ready at home with her girls (and her Dad!) while Chris was down at the venue putting the finishing touches in place. Baby Harriet was a star quickly munching down her lunch, a last minute change and she was ready to lead the procession down the aisle to her Daddy. The bridesmaids were right behind followed by Loren and her Dad. Their ceremony included lots of special symbols and their Mums lit unity candles to mark the occasion. At the end Loren & Chris lead the procession up to the lawn where drinks were served for all the guests. 

We gathered some groups for photos nearby and Honey Bees kept everyone happy with her gorgeous ice-cream cart serving tasty treats in vintage tea cups. Inside the speeches got started, though Chris had to finish his later because emotion got the better of him. Then dinner was served.

On the dance floor the littles ones got the party started with the bubble machine and some sweet moves. The newly weds were spending their wedding night in Hothorpe’s tree house so we snuck off their for some photos of the two of them. Then the adults took over to the floor for the first dance and the rest of the night.

coventry engagement photos.jpg

Their Engagement Photos

in Coventry