Fiona's parents’ house was a gorgeous place to get ready. They have a lovely garden and an arch of roses which bloomed at the perfect time for photos on Fiona’s wedding day. While the Bride was downstairs having her makeup done her girls got ready upstairs. Then the finishing touches were put to her hair, and she got into her dress. 

The boys spent the morning at J&F’s new house then headed to Ullet Road Unitarian Church early. Josh had to do some last minute vow writing after the original copy went missing, but he managed to pull it off. Fiona arrived in the wedding Beetle with her Dad. The bridal procession was spectacular and had josh in tears as his nieces and nephews, the adult bridesmaids and finally Fiona and her Dad made their entrance. 

Everyone sang their hearts out during the service. Josh & Fiona shared communion privately at the front while the preacher shared some thoughts. Then they exchanged vows and rings. Once they were pronounced man and wife they kissed and left straight away down the aisle into the sunshine for the warmest hugs from bridal party spilling out behind them. 

Guests gathered in the garden for refreshments and photos then waved them off with the roof down on their Beetle. 

Sefton park was magical for the two of them to have some time together. We snapped photos as sounds of a brass band sounds drifted on the air from the glass house.

We headed over to Oh Me Oh My and straight up to the roof garden at Goodness Gracious for bridal party photos- much to the amusement of members of the public who'd popped by for a drink.

Downstairs guests were seated and ready to cheer them as they entered. Staff served up a beautiful dinner with sumptuous sharing platters for starters. Their speeches had us giggling (Malc eve got a mention!) and ended with a rousing rendition of happy birthday for two special guests.  

There was time to pop up to roof garden and soak up the evening light before the dancing got underway with the first dance. The cheese cake was served. The donut display was destroyed. And the photo booth was bonkers. 

Guests chilled on the roof, the balcony, the street and everyone enjoyed a wonderful night. At home-time J&F had a great send off through a tunnel of love right onto the street.

engagement shoot cannock chase.jpg

Their Engagement Photos

in the rain on Cannock Chase