We headed half way round the world for this big day- and we weren't disappointed by our favourite Aussie friends.

Bethany and Kyle spent the morning in separate locations going for brunch with their bridal party besties and getting ready for the ceremony. The girls headed to the hairdresser and came home to Bethany's parents for the finishing touches to their makeup. Then slipped into their dresses then B’s uncles and aunty drove them in a convoy of matching cars to the church. 

Their ceremony was full of gorgeous details styled by her sister Miranda. Persian rugs lined the aisle for Bethany and her Dad, and at the front K&B exchanged vows under an archway of gorgeous native foliage. After completing the legal parts and singing their hearts out, they walked back down the aisle in a huge shower of confetti. After the service guests tucked into the donut bar and chatted excitedly.

The bridal party headed to Kings Park for some photos and a quick bite to eat. We made the most of gorgeous views and natural backdrops for some photos before heading into the city.

The Flour Factory had gorgeous decorations too: a gorgeous hanging floral display over the top table and long feast tables stretching down the room with candles and greenery. The bridal party made a great entrance and dinner was served interspersed with speeches, jokes and games from their MCs.

The band set up and bridal party got the dancing started with a group dance, then it was time to get the party going on the dance floor and in the Flour Factory’s rooftop garden space.


Their Engagement Photos

at Perth Foreshore