What can we say- this was such fun. We knew we were on to a winner from the moment we arrived at the family home the night before the wedding for a BBQ in the garden. With friends and family all mucking in to cook food and set up we were off to a great start.

Things were much the same the next morning, at Emily's parents house. Team Nick were in the garden setting up before heading out for a breakfast break. Emily and the girls watched it all going on through the window as they got ready (and chatted unicorns!). Emily's dress is homemade, by the way, we think that's pretty cool.

Both her parents walked Emily down the aisle (which we LOVE) with her sisters and niece bridesmaiding it up behind them. The ceremony was full of fun and the sun streamed in through the windows. Then everyone stuck around for refreshments, speeches and songs in the church.

There were more speeches in the marquee at Emily's parents house and scrumptious pizza made right there in the garden kitchen. Guests found their spots around the garden to sit chatting, go on the swings, or grab a beer in the shed bar (but only a few at a time because that place was dinky). We set up the photo booth in the dining room and others found the piano in the lounge.

As it got dark the ceilidh got started and guests moved between frantic dancing and calm chatting under the strings of lights.

P.S - We love their idea for wedding favours: books and films that they recommend for guests to help themselves to, arranged in a sweet display in their marquee. 


Tents - TentStyle Stretch Tents

Pizza - The Pizza Project (UK)

Music- Tight Squeeze Ceilidh Band

'The most lush tower of brownies' -Liam Boniface

Excellent wedding venue - The Magraths at Monkshood