The Longest Day

Right... today is the longest day of the year, though I'm not sure it counts if is grey and cloudy! Anyway, if you're looking for a way to mark the day you should join in with this month's solargraphy [DEVELOP] Challenge. 

To spur you on we did a two week tester to see if these things really do work. And it did! We don't have a south facing window, but we pointed it as south as we could. It sat there for two fairly grey weeks on our bedroom windowsill in a bizarre arrangement propped up on some novels from Malc's Nanny and held in place with lots of masking tape.

Here's the original, if you're interested. You can actually see quite a bit before you scan and digitally enhance the image. 

We've been chucking these little fellows at anyone we can persuade to take one recently, so hopefully there are lots of people joining in the waiting and wondering game. While you wait why not send us in a snapshot of your little camera wherever it ended up... like this sprite can which is now loving life in Lewisham. 

Don't forget you can read all about the challenge right here.