May's [DEVELOP] Challenge

Clayton Bond, Via
For 2013 we're got a challenge to set you each month, something to get your teeth into to help you [DEVELOP] your photography skills. Some of them might be familiar concepts to you others we hope you'll never even have heard of, but by tackling them we hope you'll try out something you wouldn't have done otherwise. 

This month's challenge shouldn't require to much planning. Just imagine this: you're sat at home and someone shouts,
" Quick there's a fire, we need to get out, the house is burning down! "
What do you grab as you leave the building?

Firstly remember it's just a game! Then gather up all the things you'd save and take a photo. That's this month's challenge.

We based this on which is a fascinating collection of people's "what I'd grab" photos. They see the photos as a one question interview, what does your photo say about you. You should check the site out, but maybe wait until you've chosen your own items, so you do it your own way.

And why not go ahead and submit your photos to the project, if you have a close look you might spot one you recognise!

Don't forget, to join in with the project follow along in this Facebook group or use #developproject on instagram and twitter.