March's [DEVELOP] Challenge

For 2013 we're got a challenge to set you each month, something to get your teeth into to help you [DEVELOP] your photography skills. Some of them might be familiar concepts to you others we hope you'll never even have heard of, but by tackling them we hope you'll try out something you wouldn't have done otherwise. 

A few people have noticed that this challenge comes pretty late in the month- sorry if you've been eagerly waiting by your laptop ready to spring into action! Well what can I say, we've been busy. I'm guessing you might have been too. So here's a challenge deliberately designed to be quick to complete! And hey! this is a bank holiday weekend so hopefully you've got a bit of spare time to get your camera out for fun.

This months challenge theme is QUICK. You've got until the end of Monday the 1st to send in your entries and we'll pick out a winner. I don't think there's a prize, just the satisfaction of winning, but I might change my mind!

Take the theme where you want: photos with a fast shutter speed; things that move fast; the quickest photo you can take, edit and upload; or even something SOOC (straight out of camera) totally unedited.

I wonder what you'll get up to... 3,2,1... GO!

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