February's [DEVELOP] Challenge

For 2013 we're got a challenge to set you each month, something to get your teeth into to help you [DEVELOP] your photography skills. Some of them might be familiar concepts to you others we hope you'll never even have heard of, but by tackling them we hope you'll try out something you wouldn't have done otherwise. This month we're going all documentary.

Two of my least favourite questions in photography sometimes are "What should I photograph?" and "What shall I do with the pictures now?". So this month I thought I'd challenge you to use your photos to document something and find somewhere to publish them. Here's a few projects you might be inspired by...

What to photograph:
Back to the Future is such a cool project by Irina Werning where people go back and recreate old photos. Check out the amount of effort they go to with costume and location! This could be loads of fun to have a go at, excuse for a reunion even. Check out the project here.
Street portrait from this site 

Street Portrait- Feeling brave? Looking for a bit of a kick. Make a portrait of a stranger. Cold calling for a street photo score. There's a helpful guide here. 

A Photo Interview - produce a document of a person by photographing them on location and interviewing them. It could be anyone you like, but I reckon the older the better. Combine the text and images to capture a snapshot of life at that moment.

from this site
Make your own 6 Word Story-  Perhaps you haven't got the time/patience/inclination to interview someone that closely. This one might be for you. Tell a 6 word story, combine it with a supporting image (you don't even need to use a camera if you don't want to!). See some 6 word stories here.

Where to publish:
*500 px- particularly suited to story sets of photos this is a premier photo uploading site with high standards for "aspiring and pro photographers". Put your best stuff up here and be inspired! Would be a  great place for your street portraits.

*Flickr Groups- Flickr is a great site to host your photos, many of the challenges we're setting will fit into flickr groups that already exist. For starters stick all your [DEVELOP] pictures in our group. And check out these groups for Street Portraits and 6 word stories. (Last month's challenges also fit into Multiple Exposure and Harris Shutter Groups)

*Instagram: is a quick photo sharing network for smartphone users. Make connections with other phonographers and use #developproject to connect your documentary photos for this months challenge! Would work really well for your 6 word story. (try out the instanote app to add text to your instagram pictures). And you can follow our contributions @LOS_HENDOS.

*Write a blog post- submit one to us! We'd really love to feature some of your photo interviews. Email it over to mustardyellowphotography [at] gmail.com

Get involved by joining our Facebook group and using #developproject on instagram.