Matt & Fran's Wedding Preview- with limerick!

Matt & Fran got married last weekend. The rain held off so we got to pop down to the Bear Pit in The Botanical Gardens, Sheffield (where they had their first date!) to take some pictures.

We wrote a little limerick in celebration of the occasion and there's also a setting up video for you to enjoy.

There once was a girl name Fran,
Who met a very nice man.
For a first date they sit
In Sheffield's bear pit
And then Matt came up with a plan! 

Fran then went to Venice with Matt,
And in a hotel room they sat,
Then down on one knee,
He said "Marry me?"
And his Mum had to buy a new hat.

So, in July they were wed,
Together for years ahead.
Exchanging their rings
And everyone sings,
"I do" they both gladly said! 

Together as man and wife,
Off on holiday free from strife 
Fran and her new man,
Got a nice glowing tan,
And began their new married life!