Wedding Awards Ceremony

Simon and Laura's Wedding is now up in full over in our weddings section of the blog! (Here)

During Simon's speech he gave out several awards to the people he was thanking, including: "Best Parents 1978-2012", "Most Beautiful Bridesmaid"and "Most Sympathetic Parents Towards an Ever Increasing Number of Guests". It was so much fun.

In fact, we thought the wedding was so much fun that we'd decided to award it some awards of our own...

1 Laura and Simon's wedding breakfast was catered by their local fish and chip shop. There was a large box of fish and chips for each guest served with plastic knives and forks. Gentlemen (complete with bow ties) served up some extra food and drinks and the guys from the chippie were on hand to serve out mushy peas and curry sauce! They were Catering Ledgends.

2 This wedding was the best for babies. There must have been at least 25 small people wandering around keeping everyone amused at this wedding. It was so sweet- they really know how to bring the party, they were the first on the dance floor and probably the last to bed. So they are officially our Most Entertaining Fleet of Mini-Guests.

3 When we spoke to Laura and Simon they weren't sure what to do for their first dance. Well they need't have worried because their first dance turned out to be the Best Spontaneous Dance Session. 2 key players made all the difference: The DJ who stepped in last minute (literally he was called that afternoon!) and their friend who took to the stage an lead the whole crowd in a samba lesson. Pretty sure you couldn't have planned it better.

4 The two best men had prepared their speech in video format complete with vox pop interviews about the groom. Thanks to some genius wedding guests and their Triumph Over Adverse Technology, we all got to watch it complete with sound (including a bit of DJ Hammer).

5 Finally we couldn't leave it without a mention of the Finest Stage- Diving Bride and Groom who were some of the most laid back people we've had the pleasure of photographing. Seriously nothing could phase them, so when their DJ publicly challenged them to do "the lift" from Dirty Dancing they just got right on with the crazy business of stage diving in their wedding clothes!

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