Get in!...

... the booth!

We've only had a couple of experiences of photo booths at weddings but that has been enough  to convince us that they are worthwhile. Its likely that you'll get guests in here who don't make it into other formal groups and that everyone will be much more themselves.

At their most basic it can be very easy to set up a photo booth for guests to take their own photos, and you can add in any extras to make it personal.

Here's an idea of a simple setup: camera on tripod (operated by a remote, by the user), back drop (could be anything), props and lighting if required.

Then you can add into the mix any number of elements: fruity fabric backgrounds, frames, masks, fancy dress, names, logos or other props, write your own message boards (black boards or simply cut shapes out of paper and laminate them). You could even use the view outdoors as your back drop. 

Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day has just done a free photo booth printable blog post, which is a cute set of props.

Outdoor and fabric back drops
These streamers would make an awesome back ground