D+N (Part 1)

We've decided it takes more pictures than will comfortably fit in one post to tell the story of our second Summer wedding, so we're splitting Daniel and Naomi's across two.

Just how different can one Aberystwyth wedding be from another? Almost completely as it turns out! Daniel and Naomi's wedding was vivid in every sense, all the way from the personalities involved to the bride's evening dress, which was made by mother of the bride, Lindy. We shouldn't neglect to mention that Lindy also made her own dress, the bride's main dress and the cake!  

Things got really exciting in the Morgan camp when father of the bride, Dill, sprang a surprise horse and cart to get Naomi to the church. It's always a pleasure to witness Welsh weddings because everyone seems to take an interest. Half the road turned out to watch the surprised tears of Naomi and Lindy as they emerged from the house to see their new ride. Naomi's Grandad also lent them an antique Rolls Rocye to carry the new couple from St. Michael's church to the cliff railway.


We organised a quick tour of some sea front landmarks for the couple shots. Daniel and Naomi proved exceptionally good sports and played happily along with our silly requests, even though we'd only met them the day before.