Dreaming of.... Camping

from utterlyengaged.com via pinterest
We're daydreaming about a little break: camping in the countryside, in the springtime. Fingers crossed we'll go over Nom's birthday, and there'll be little lambs, daffodils, birds singing in the trees... We'll see. 
Anyone got any tips? What should we pack, what should we plan? 

Luxurious 'essentials': bunting, a torch, a little cosy tent, a warm hat,
wooly socks, candles,  double sleeping bag and hot water bottles
Eating & Drinking. For the perfect drinks: our favourite mugs, a cafetiere,
a bottle of rioja, a flask for soup, a hand grinder and a volcano kettle.
For snacking: caramel hot chocolate, croissants, cup-a-soups, tinned fruits
and variety cereal packs.

The last time we went camping was in Busselton, Western Australia. It was at least 35˚C and by the warm, blue sea. However, the average max temperature for April in the UK is more like 12˚ (and this March was the coldest for 50 years!). Are we mad?

P.S ARGH, how utterly sick in my stomach does this make me feel?!