#21: Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Even the cake was in tiers is our series tips for weddings. The title comes from an overused and not so funny wedding speech joke, "It's been an emotional day...". What advice did you wish someone had told you before your wedding? We're collating all the etiquette and expertise here.

Amanda from Amanda Refoy Flowers sent us this amazing set of tips about choosing your florist and flowers. Enjoy! 

Congratulations!! Your getting married......now the hard work begins
Choices , choices, choices, where to start huh? well here are a few tips on what to look for in your florist for your big day.
1) Visit your florist in their natural habitat....whether that be in their shop or at a wedding fair, it is important to see how comfortable you feel in their presence, if your on the same page and the right wavelength.
2) Ask to see examples of their work, this can be from their portfolio or a physical example that they have made especially to show you their, style and capability 
3) See what they can suggest....a good florist worth her scissors should be able to take you on a floral journey to excite you with their ideas and abilities - a good consultation is made up of input from you the bride and your floral designer in equal measure although sometimes we do have to steer the flower ship back on course if you know what i mean as we all get carried away sometimes.
4) be realistic...on design and most importantly on costing's. A wedding flower package including bridal party, 6 bridesmaids, church flowers and venue decoration WILL cost more than ยฃ200 - surprising i know!!??!!
5) Be open to experience- you are dealing with a professional, who has probably worked on a few weddings in their time - you are going there because you want a great job done with your flowers, trust them to exceed your expectations.
6)Recommendation!!! Ask around friends, family, lady on the bus - anyone who has been to a wedding recently if they can recommend anyone to do wedding flowers? Recommendation is the most powerful marketing tool and for a good florist its the best form of advertising and its FREE!!! We have around a third of our bookings now through recommendation which we feel as a business is a fantastic achievement.
So that's it basically, not so much a flower battlefield more like a walk in a park surrounded by beautiful flowers.
Good luck you wonderful brides out there and may the stems be with you xx