#10: Cut your Cake

Even the cake was in tiers is our series tips for weddings. The title comes from an overused and not so funny wedding speech joke, "It's been an emotional day...". What advice did you wish someone had told you before your wedding? We're collating all the etiquette and expertise here.

To add to our tip on flaunting your cake, here are a few notes on how to cut it...

Just do it! Stop worrying about how to line up your hands to hold the knife perfectly and just get on with it. Put an arm round each other, that will leave less hands to find knife space for.

Cut the cake at an angle to your audience: not as far round as being side on, but not hiding behind it either.

Move any nearby candles. We learnt this at our own wedding- the surrounding tea lights were pretty hot.

Eat a slice, feed each other a slice or hand some out to your guests. It doesn't matter what you do but don't just stand there looking a bit lost or leave the knife in the cake- it just looks a bit sinister!

Enjoy! (and share some with Nom, she's addicted to the icing)