The Geese are Getting Fat

Celebrating with: hanging candles; eggnog; a rosemary wreath; paper ornaments; a Christmas branch; mulled drinks; Happy Birthday Nativity and Christmas bread. 

Giving: wrapped up fresh bread; keyring tools; wrapping with pom poms; our handmade version of this book; an indoor fire; the projecto mini projector; moleskine diaries and a DIY camera kit

Wishing for ... this book, Brownswood Bubblers Three CD, this book, Punch Brothers Who's Feeling Young Now,  Floreat by Mara Carlyle, this sequin blazer, a knitted jumper, a smart pair of trousers (32W 30L), a little projector, printing ink & screen, a holga lens for DSLR, nice plant pots (like this lozenge shape one), a mini greenhouse, some whiskey, tea pigs and some not too fancy loose leaf english breakfast tea.

And crossing our fingers for some spray chalk; etching liquid; a sequin tablecloth; a pen that writes on food and a ukelele.