#7: Make space

Even the cake was in tiers is our series tips for weddings. The title comes from an overused and not so funny wedding speech joke, "It's been an emotional day...". What advice did you wish someone had told you before your wedding? We're collating all the etiquette and expertise here.

If you want beautiful, bright fresh photos of you getting ready in the morning then put a little bit of thought into where you'll get ready. If possible get dressed in a room that is more than big enough for you, the big white dress and anyone you want around to help. Consider space for the photographer and the amount of light available. Removing unnecessary clutter is a good idea too!

This also applies to the rest of the day, though you might have less control over what goes where. Think through what clutter can be removed and what's around the key areas you'll be having photos. Are there ugly signs or posters in the ceremony venue that could be removed or hidden? Keep the top table uncluttered particularly of tall bottles or flowers which could obscure faces during the speeches.