We had a relaxing time in Perth, which was great, but probably means we're not qualified to give a thorough list of "Things to do and see". Here are some of the things we enjoyed doing incase you might like them too. We've mingled in some tunes from our holiday experience as well.

In Perth
Kings Park is pretty cool- its full of native plants and when you get bored of looking at them it has great views across the centre of the city from its high vantage point. During the summer months it also is the host of Mooonlight Cinema: a temporary outdoor cinema showing a variety of movies (including exciting advanced releases). You can buy popcorn and rent a chaise lounge shaped bean bag to recline on.

For other greenish, outdoor activities you could take the free CAT hop off by Mt hospital and cross the road to John Oldham Park. Its a nice spot of shady green in an unexpected spot surrounded by major roads and there were plenty of birds to wonder at. Or you could go down to Point Walter and walk out along the sandbank into the middle of the river.

Perth is a city that feels small an manageable rather than huge and cosmopolitan, but it still has its hidden gems and its big city lights. The best place to see those lights is from the South Perth foreshore. And the best place to enjoy its small, friendliness... at someones house in their pool.

Around Perth
Hop on a ferry down the river to Fremantle. Consume so much chocolate you feel like you're about to go into a coma in Chocolateria San Churro at Hillary's boat harbour. Watch the sunset and eat fish and chips from the jetty at Cottesloe. Take a road trip to south for the beaches, beer sampling at Eagle's Bar Brewery and walk the jetty at Busselton (there's an underwater observatory at the far end and a little train to bring you back again). Its 3km long- take a look at it on google maps! (While you're there have a look at the swan river around the city of Perth to see some crazy boat trails).