[Menu Thoughts] Jetlag Buster

24 hours' travelling and an 8 hour timezone difference to recover from? Must be time to cook up something tasty for breakfast, after all you'll be waking up at 5.30 am with nothing more tempting than unpacking to keep you busy. Trust us, that's been our daily routine since we got back.

Cinnamon & Apple Pancakes (inspired by the LEON cookbook)

Make good, thick pancakes: 2 eggs, 80ml milk, 80g plain flour and a smudge of baking powder. Butter in the pan, spoon in the mixture, bubble through and toss to brown on the other side for a few seconds. Meanwhile cube an apple each and fry in butter in a pan with a decent quantity of cinnamon.

Breakfast Muffins

We used a recipe from this website. It calls for you to add your own choice of cereal. We used a crunchy oat cereal with raisins, which worked well. You could try cornflakes, I think they'd work better.

I also wanted to try these Carrot & Orange Muffins.

Scrambled Egg on Toast

The best scrambled eggs (in my opinion) are made with butter and only a small amount of milk. Beat two eggs per person with a little milk and freshly ground pepper. Throw into a pan after a little melted butter, and stir on a low heat. Serve on a nice toast with seeds for a bit of texture. We also add Henderson's Relish and mayonnaise.