2011 in 12 Photos

There were some mighty lows, but I think on average 2011 turned out to be a beautiful year made/redeemed by its sunshine and heroes.

We saw the year in with some of our favourite people in one our favourite places, Mid Wales.

On Valentine's day we got two new relatives in the form of Charlie and Ella.

Malc got to see where I grew up when we spent a week with my uncle Gav in Scotland.

The death of my hero brought many more out of the woodwork.

We drank champagne to celebrate Mum's fiftieth birthday in London.

We joined Jon '22 Ton' Harris, Pete, Abi, and crew on a voyage from Northampton to Milton Keynes.

There was face painting, a BBQ, and a ton of cake at the fantastic Short Heath Community Fun Day.

We experienced the madness of beach mission, and the thrill of two great weddings.

We witnessed exceptional dancing and made several new friends at Tom and Anna's wedding.

We went exploring and photographing the hidden delights of Birmingham with Charlie- Rose and Joe.

Accompanied by our new camera, we celebrated our anniversary in the Cotswolds.

We had several early Christmases with friends and family before a second summertime...

... but that's a story for 2012.