Abersoch Detective Agency

Huge thank you to the Abersoch Beach Mission team of 2011. We had such an awesome time. So thanks to each one of you for all your wisdom, courage, inspiration, faithfulness, enthusiasm, patience, prayer, fun, eagerness, aerobics, welcoming, volunteering, leading, studying, encouraging, listening, dancing, singing, dishwashing, early waking, fancy dress, chav make-up, flying saucers, action songs, hot chocolate, dramatic improvisation, photocopier fixing, frisbee throwing, car shuffling, den building, floor sweeping, bonfire building, resource buying, moustache wearing, equipment carrying, errand running, venue decorating, banner tying, banner untying, bracelet making, key hunting, garage foraging, garage locking, prayer letter folding, communal teeth brushing, exhaustion-beating hugs, emergency murder mystery script writing, sticky toffee pudding and marzipan.*

*Not to mention all that work you did with the children, young people and adults.