[Menu Thoughts]

Occasionally, when I am at a loss for cooking inspiration, I wish that other people posted their menus more often, so that I could dip into them for inspiration. So here's a snapshot of what we're eating:

That's a tiny home-grown pile of salad leaves, pita bread fingers with a yoghurt and turmeric dip, refried beans with bacon (based loosely on this hairy bikers recipe, crackers and oatcakes with a soft brie-like cheese, called coeur de neufchatel from Ultracomida (in Aberystwyth).  Accompanied by a mugful of flattish coke, followed up with a latte (with vanilla syrup) and splendid chocolate brownies (made by our dear friends Pete and Abi).

And for our evening meal: home-made sag aloo, turkey korma, freshly made Sharwood's naan, basmati rice and mango pickle. 

P.S There are often additional photos from those shown on our blog on our flickr stream