Dom & Katie had their wedding day at Rosliston Forestry Centre, a fantastic outdoor venue where the main field is lined on all sides by tall trees.

Katie got ready with her adult bridesmaids, her mum and nearly-mother-in-law. They had a sweet time being pampered and opening gifts- Dom sent Katie a gorgeous Tiffany bracelet. Katie & Dom’s daughters Izzy and Holly were flower girls with Katie’s little sister. They got ready next door and arrived with Katie’s Dad to see her in her wedding dress.

Meanwhile the guys were in a separate cabin with lots of kids running around. The whole stag team were in their ‘I’m too old for this sh*t’ shirts and a great amount of banter took place! Dom bought the lads hip flasks - and of course some JD to fill them. Once that was taken care of they headed to the field early to greet the guests. 

The weather was just right, so there was a lovely vibe with everyone relaxing outside. Dom was definitely showing some nerves when the time came for everyone to take their seats under the marquee. It was really cute, that after all the morning’s banter all the boys were holding back tears as Katie walked down the aisle with the girls and her Dad. It was a very happy ceremony with the sun shining down and lots of laughter as Dom struggled to put on Katie’s ring. There was a flurry of confetti under the marquee when they walked back down the aisle as man and wife. 

Guests got drinks from the prosecco station and guitarist Liam gave us some top quality covers to listen to. The Glade is a great spot for some big group photos, Phil the videographer got smiles on everyones faces when he fell into a bush! 

We took one of our cutest couple shoots amid the trees with the whole family - Dom, Katie & the two girls, then headed down to the lake with just D & K. They couldn’t wait to get back to their guests so we took a quick shot by the gorgeous blue camper van, then headed back to the field.

There were lot of games, a highlight being Jeff (Dom’s dad) attempting the hoola hoop! 

Everyone was delighted with their tasty BBQ wedding breakfast. All the kids (there were lots) ran around outside and trashed their smart clothes rolling down the mud banks. After food Katie’s Mum gathered the guests on the sofas to watch a really touching slideshow of messages from the guests she’d organised. 

Their multi-talented guitarist Liam doubled up as DJ in the evening and started with some tunes to keep the kids happy. There were some pretty good dance moves from these little ones. Dom & Katie took to the floor for their first dance and were swarmed for a huge love-in by their family and friends. Then lots of tears as Katie & her Dad had a special dance too.

The night rounded off with a set of classic 90s dance tunes - everyone’s favourite especially Katie.

engagement shoot Lickey Hills.jpg

Their Engagement Photos

in the Lickey Hills with the girls.