We LOVE the photos!! Thank you so much they're absolutely amazing and we've loved having a little look. Just off to the beach!'
- Josh, Groom (from their honeymoon!)

Thank you so much for our wedding box! We've spent all afternoon looking and watching. We're so, so pleased they're magical!
-Liz, Bride

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Omg we have just got our slide show disc and we are amazed, you guys have captured every laugh every smile and every memory and more, we couldn't be any happier. You have done an amazing job. Thank you so much we are forever grateful!
- Scott, Groom

Thank you, thank you, thank you, a million times thank you - these are stunning! It was such a delightful pleasure to have you both with us for such a special occasion.
-Mary, Mother of the Bride

A massive THANK YOU to both of you for being completely brilliant at our rehearsal and wedding.

Thank you for all your advice and tips. I think you knew what we were supposed to be doing better than we did!
-Ian, Groom

The photos are awesome. It is totally what we wanted. Seriously, AWESOME.

I cannot thank you enough. We will be more than happy to recommend you to friends. For what its worth, we think we got a bargain for what you have given us. Having two people working the room was such a luxury.
-Dave, Groom

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Our guests said what an amazing job you both did, and how nice you both were. One of the things that me and Owen said was that most of the photos you took we didn't even realise that you were taking. You were both really easy to work with and it made our day that bit more relaxing.
-Jasmin, Bride

-Anna, Bride

Oooooooh, lovely!! Thank you, you marvelously talented people. And once again, THANK YOU both for being such a happy, reassuring presence on the day itself.
-Nay, Bride

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