A beautiful wedding morning, Rhiannon returned from having her hair done and finished off getting ready with her girls, her parents and the cat all around for company. Their gorgeous flowers arrived and it was time to set off to the church. 

Christ Church Fulwood was looking stunning and Rhiannon’s Uncle was ready to lead her and James through their vows. Once all the official business of the day was finished they headed out through a tunnel of fluttering confetti to tea and cakes in the church hall. There were  loads of guests to greet and plenty of homemade treats from friends and family. 

The family celebration continued in Rhiannon’s Grandparent’s garden- a gorgeous setting. Grandad had worked on the beautiful garden and the florist had added extra arrangements for the tables. Caterers delivered a tasty spread and guests found spots to sit around the garden in the sunshine. The only short rain shower was perfectly timed with the speeches- which were indoors! Everyone clustered in the lounge  around the wedding cake and the speakers entertained from the balcony.

There was more time to relax in the garden for the guests while we took a few photos with the bride and groom in more secluded spots. Then on to the evening reception. Rhiannon’s parents had decorated their village hall venue- with a surprise
Alice in Wonderland  theme! When the newly weds arrived they were greeted by the Mad Hatter and a Cheshire Cat and invited to go “Down the rabbit hole”. The room was full of china tea cups, playing cards and happy guests. 

The evening wound on with dancing photo booth and tasty pie buffet. The band were a great laugh and egged the crowd on as they danced
the Macarena to any tune going. The party spilled out of the building with chatting, drinking and impromptu volley ball in the evening sunshine.

When it came to time to leave guests rushed outside and formed a super-long tunnel to wave James & Rhiannon off on their way.

If you're longing for more photos of these lovely folks their engagement photos are
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