An Anglesey Second Christmas


Australia 2016

Excuse us while we share a few snaps from our adventure down under...


Love these guys!



Bluestone National Park Resort and Broadhaven South 


Simple summer days with ice-cream and bonfires. JOY



For Nom's birthday we gathered some friends to learn new flower arranging skills, eat spaghetti and drink Malcoholics.


2 Naomis and a little cabin in the woods

Sometimes stumbling across photos we've forgotten about is the best thing to cheer up a dull day. We took these photos back in autumn on a lovely little day playing in the woods.


Nathan's 6th Birthday: Woodlands Adventure

A little party in the woods: making wooden cars, swinging from the branches and toasting marshmallows, there was even a tent floating from the trees. What a way to celebrate our little buddy turning 6. Happy birthday Nathan!


Life Lately

Square crop photo of us printing by Indie.

The Chines

We spent a few days on the south coast with some good friends to see in the new year. Here's a few shots we took during a walk along the Bournemouth Chines. Malc used to come here on holidays when he was little. It's nice to see not too much has changed.




Andy & Jennie- A Wedding Preview

This wedding was absolutely what we hoped Andy & Jennie's wedding would be. It was relaxed and fun, silly and romantic, it even included the truth about Easter and some Easter eggs. 
A beautiful day and beautiful bride.

Amott Road Baptist Church,  Peckham
Bickley Manor Hotel, Bromley


We had a little pancake party.



We love this place. We love these people.


Charlie & Tom are engaged

This engagement shoot jumped up a notch when these guys got their stop motion on!


Christmas Times


Sam & Clare's Wedding [Shustoke Farm Barns Wedding Photography]

Excited to eventually be sharing lots of pictures from Sam & Clare's Wedding. Pop over here to see them, along with plenty from the photo booth, an amazing song and a tun of thank yous. 

Thanks Giving

Our Erdington Family gathered to say Thank You. 

We're thankful for: Cheese, health, Run DMC, getting to know our neighbours, Our gospel community family, macaroni, HMRC, eyesight, sunshine, our Americans, nature, Belgian beer, ginger people, Bouff, international travel, Ofsted, being together, warm homes, Erdington and at least  81 other things.


M+D Wedding now online!

About time we shared some summer sunshine weddings with you in full. First up, Miriam & Darren.


Last Weekend

We were explorers of the urban countryside with Fran & Matt.




At the Cabin

Oh wow, we love this place and these people.


On the farm

We love the Smiths.




Sam & Stocks! - a wedding preview

What a day.
We love this pair. Aren't they stunning!
(Leave them a comment to say "Hi" below)


The Dazzle and Rimbo Show- a sneak preview!

This wedding included prayer paper-chains, a sign language lesson, lots of lovely friends and even a little message from Rob Brydon. What more could you want? 


Baby Ivy

Last week we had the pleasure of hanging out with sweet little Ivy and her parents. 
(You can see more of her adventures here.)


Sunny Sheffield

Our top tips for a sunny day in Sheffield:
*hang out with some of your favourite people
*eat tasty pancakes in the garden
*enjoy people's happy pancake faces
*chill out in a bucket swing until you feel a bit sick
*go for a lovely walk
*have a break for a hot chocolate the size of your face
*finish the day with some ice-cream


Ollie & Izzy [Sutton Coldfield Wedding Photography]


Pizza and [distraction] Pool- Joe's Birthday


Bulgarian Birthday Buddies

Does anyone else have their very own set of favourite Bulgarians? We do. They're the best.


Did you know Malc sings in a choir? They're pretty good and he loves it. Here's a few shots from a St David's Day event they performed at last weekend. (Have a listen here)




Happy Birthday


The day the Aussies came (and so did the snow)

We were together this time last year too.
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Christmas & New Year (take 2)

We are struggling to get over just how beautiful this weekend was- we had a great time in North Wales some very beautiful friends.




(its Pictionary, but with Lego)


J+H Wedding Preview [Horsham Wedding Photographer]


Joel & Eleri's Wedding Preview [Llyn Wedding Photography]

Joel & Eleri were married last weekend at Capel Y Drindod with their reception at Tremfan Hall, Pwllheli. And oh what fun we had! It was pretty hard to pick out just a few photos for a preview- so keep your eyes peeled for the full post. 

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Joel & Eleri


Joel and Eleri
The Bride and Groom


Jim & Fiona


Jim & Fiona
Two of our funniest friends

Jack & Martina


Let's Get Quizzical
Jack and Martina

A little trip to Wales




Lea, Sarah & Indie
On-call bridesmaid

C&S Wedding Preview! {Dartford Wedding Photos}

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Tim & Emma Wedding Preview [Wellingborough Wedding Photography]


Tim & Emma

Some photos from 2009 that I shot in Aberystwyth of Emma & Tim... who's WEDDING we're photographing today! Congratulations from Nom & Malc xx 


Jon & Emma's Wedding now online

Jon and Emma's beautiful bright wedding in Liverpool is now online in our portfolio section. Check it out!  (Their preview is also here)

Transatlantic BBQ


Transatlantic BBQ games

Short Heath Park Fun Day

How does our church let its hair down and give our community a bit of a party? Like this ...





Bungee Run Super-Volunteer


Emma's Hen Do


Sutton Park

" A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine." - Anne Bronte 


Indie McPindie


Indejeet-a-indejeet-a-Indegeet Deooooooogan
Photography buddy


Community Group


Community Group

The Bride


The Bride & Maids
Jess & Matt's wedding morning

Shooting in Digbeth




Charlie-Rose's Birthday

Remember that day when the sun shone, we had a picnic and ate too much cake. And there were ladybirds and Jason played piano. That was nice.


Ben & Clarey's Wedding

Ben & Clare's Wedding is now posted in full on our portfolio section.  These guys got engaged in one of our favourite places and we couldn't resist going there to make them a special piece of wedding beach art. And we love these guys so much that we thought we'd also throw in a little wedding stop motion movie of their day without them noticing.

Here, without further ado, is the full version of the video.



Keen amateur gardener and judo master




Bekah Tubbs
Singing with City Church Gospel Choir, Edgbaston High School



Hana Kelly, 22
Just finished a degree in English and Creative Writing
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Charlie-Rose and Joe


Charlie-Rose and Joe
Choir Master and WAG



Just been baptised



Smithy, 23
Master of the Decorative Arts (pending)



Jess, 23
Garden Shed Ceramicist

Fran & Matt [engaged photo shoot]




Ben Og, 25
The Groom, affectionately known as Nigel.

Hell's Mouth


Hell's Mouth, Abersoch





Trainee teacher and master tinfoil craftsman



Josh, 24



New house owner


Alex and Ell


Alex, 23 and Ell, 23
Having a Scotsman in the Duke garden



Clair, 34
Friend and amazing mum.



Ali, 21
Coffee lover reduced to honey and lemon by a cold.




Mimi, 22
Nearly finished in Aberystwyth



Sean, 24
Sushi fan and Skateboarder




Martin, 24
Pro animator



Sam, (just) 24
*Not a * Cinema manager, cyclist, Dr Who fan
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A postcard from GB

To our dear friends from Perth (and other globetrotters),

Thank you for having us to stay! We had such fun exploring your streets, dipping in your pools, talking to your dogs and sizzling sausages.

Now isn't about time we returned your generosity? 

In an effort to persuade you we've put together this little tour of the UK, a dream team itinerary, as a pledge of good hostmanship. We hope it'll wet your appetite.

(If you're here for a while check out the whole list, if you've only got a short stop check out the comments marked with an asterisk*.)

What to do in the UK...

Visit Scotland: In Edinburgh* theres the Jenners department store, the Castle (with the military tattoo), the Scottish National Galleries of Modern Art to fill your day. Of course you couldn't miss out Linlithgow*- home of your Scottish friends, which has its own beautiful Palace and Loch (see your first white swans!). If there at the right time don't miss the marches. Take a long drive and two ferries to isolation on Iona, theres a monastery surrounded by purple and turquoise sea (you can easily walk round the whole island in a few hours). See your first ever snow and ski on it in the Cairngorms. Kayak on a loch and spot some highland cows. Make sure you drink IRN BRU, eat tablet*, haggis, an Oliphant's pie and at least one insane thing deep-fried in Glasgow. Finish with a cultural turn up for the books in Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art.

Have a long weekend drifting around the countryside on a canal boat. And make sure you see at least one dramatic waterfall and one fast flowing river.

Go to London to see the Queen (and Corinne!*), go to the Tower of London to see the crown jewels (you can have a really quick visit for free if you go round as they lock up), see art in Trafalgar Square and the Serpentine gallery or swim in the Serpentine lake. Top up on art in the Saatchi Gallery, the V&A, the Tate galleries and eat lunch in the Turbine Hall*. Watch a show in the West End, Shakespeare at the Globe and sneak a peek at a celebrity on the red carpet at Leicester Square. Go to the Natural History Museum, the Imperial War Museum and see the Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace. Glimpse grandeur in Westminster Cathedral and St Paul's, or watch MPs in The Houses of Parliament. You should probably check out the Liberty's building to compare it to Perth's imitation, London Court. While you're at Liberties you might as well go in for a spot of shopping, and while you're in the mood Oxford street* is a must see (Topshop for Bee and Moo). Get a Boris bike and crash London fashion week. But don't go in the Thames

There are loads of special events to see too, depending on when you're in London, the Oxford/Cambridge boat race, The BBC Proms, Pride Marchesthe State Opening of Parliament, Chinese New Year or the Trooping of the Colour to name but a few.... oh yeh, and there's the Olympics.

In London enjoy the Tube (its fun when you're not in a rush) then take the Megabus to another city for £1.

Stop a while in Birmingham: Go to the Bullring markets and a vintage fair at the Custard Factory. See a show at the REP or a film at the  Electric Cinema (and text your waiter your order for olives from your sofa seating). Have a curry in the Balti Triangle* and experience a proper pub lunch. Meet the pre-raephelites in the BMAG, something more contemporary in the IKON or something less famous in one of the Digbeth galleries. Taste Cadbury's without the wax at its home in Bourneville and check out the canals. Meet our friends and picnic in Sutton Park

In Wales you could stay in a bothy to experience the countryside up close and personal. Take a visit a Welsh revival chapel and some of our favourite beaches around Abersoch. Eat a Cadwaladers, do some wake boarding in the cold sea, warm up with a bonfire on the beach. Then see the heights of Snowdon on your way back to England.

The following deserve at least a mention: Brighton (ride a carousel at the end of the pier, its a family tradition of ours), Cornwall (the best clotted cream and amazing art in St Ives), the Lake District (has lots of lakes), the Cotswolds (have pretty cottages with yellow stone walls and thatched roofs), Bristol (is an environmentally aware city, with a hippy vibe and cool goings on) and Blackpool (for tacky souvenirs and the blackpool illuminations).

This completes our list of recommendations for a visit to the UK (this list is not conclusive). 
Please come and see us soon,        
With love
Coz, Nom & Malc                              




Vaughany, 35
Teacher and ultimate frisbee coach.

Dear Aussies, We miss you!

Its been 6 weeks since our 6 weeks in Aus: about time we wrapped some things up I think! So this week we've got a few posts planned about our time in Perth, Dubai and then something a little closer to home. Hope you enjoy them.


Tom and Anna


Tom and Anna,
Future Dr. of Audiology and teacher,
Recently Married

Malcolm's [Belated!] Birthday Party




Neighbour and pancake fan



Cnob, 26
Bass chorister and rude man



Keep calm, she's a vicar

Beer Cap Map


Bomber's kitchen, Wylde Green

Bomber, Mike, and Jon are working their way round the world in hops and grain.


The snow's made it to the UK and parts of Europe are struggling with the freezing cold, so here's a sunny Aussie wedding to warm your toes.

Chris and Kelly's Wedding has now been uploaded to our portfolio here.

This was the hottest wedding we've been to so far and we had a great time getting to know loads of the guests. Check out all the sweet details that Kelly and her Mum arranged, and the amazing venue over looking the city of Perth.

We're also really excited to share our first stop-motion wedding video.

It was so much fun to be part of an Australian wedding- so thanks again chaps for having us!




The Mother of the Groom's preparations



Bethany, 17
Gets her P plates this week



2011 in 12 Photos

There were some mighty lows, but I think on average 2011 turned out to be a beautiful year made/redeemed by its sunshine and heroes.

We saw the year in with some of our favourite people in one our favourite places, Mid Wales.

On Valentine's day we got two new relatives in the form of Charlie and Ella.

Malc got to see where I grew up when we spent a week with my uncle Gav in Scotland.

The death of my hero brought many more out of the woodwork.

We drank champagne to celebrate Mum's fiftieth birthday in London.

We joined Jon '22 Ton' Harris, Pete, Abi, and crew on a voyage from Northampton to Milton Keynes.

There was face painting, a BBQ, and a ton of cake at the fantastic Short Heath Community Fun Day.

We experienced the madness of beach mission, and the thrill of two great weddings.

We witnessed exceptional dancing and made several new friends at Tom and Anna's wedding.

We went exploring and photographing the hidden delights of Birmingham with Charlie- Rose and Joe.

Accompanied by our new camera, we celebrated our anniversary in the Cotswolds.

We had several early Christmases with friends and family before a second summertime...

... but that's a story for 2012.
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Happy Birthday Hils




Hilary, 28
Birthday girl, married to Ben




Nai, 23
Generous friend and adventurer



Izzy, 24
Trainee teacher
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Sarah, 25
Pottery tutor



Bomber, 23
Tennis coach and usher




Charlie-Rose & Joe

We had great fun on our tour of Brum the other weekend with this pair. We also got a chance to take plenty of photos of them, so I thought we'd better share a few with you...


An extra sunshine weekend

We had a summertime extension around here this weekend and spent some sunny days sitting on grass, picking berries, chatting and having a birthday pint in a pub garden.


Pype HAYES Park (with Mr Hayes)

Yesterday Barry came to visit for the day. And though we failed to take any pictures of him, we did get these shots of Pype Hayes Park while we were out for a walk with Barry, Manda and Mum.

Cheese and Wine and Kirsty

We've just had a lovely couple of days with Kirsty. During which we visited the ducks, drank tea, went on a bus adventure to Solihull, watched High School Musial and had a hair braiding lesson. Autumn seemed to come with Kirsty (which is good, because it's her favourite season) and we celebrated all this with a spot of cheese and wine.

Cheese and wine Menu:
Marks & Spencers goats cheese,
Marks & Spencers soft and creamy brie,
Snowdonia cheeses amber mist (whiskey) and red devil (chilli)*,
Ben's mystery 18 month nutty cheese,
A bottle of sparkling wine on ice,
A bottle of red decanted,
A jug of mint water
Black olives
Some of Lidl's finest rye breads,
Marks & Spencers posh olive crackers,
and strawberries.

* which we bought in Llangollen during the Eisteddfod.


Little guests


Manda's Mystery Tour

Our mystery tour landed in our Wales from Wales- the only Cadwalader's Ice Cream outlet outside of Wales. We spent the afternoon in Trentham Gardens

Thanks Manda Moo!
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Abersoch Detective Agency

Huge thank you to the Abersoch Beach Mission team of 2011. We had such an awesome time. So thanks to each one of you for all your wisdom, courage, inspiration, faithfulness, enthusiasm, patience, prayer, fun, eagerness, aerobics, welcoming, volunteering, leading, studying, encouraging, listening, dancing, singing, dishwashing, early waking, fancy dress, chav make-up, flying saucers, action songs, hot chocolate, dramatic improvisation, photocopier fixing, frisbee throwing, car shuffling, den building, floor sweeping, bonfire building, resource buying, moustache wearing, equipment carrying, errand running, venue decorating, banner tying, banner untying, bracelet making, key hunting, garage foraging, garage locking, prayer letter folding, communal teeth brushing, exhaustion-beating hugs, emergency murder mystery script writing, sticky toffee pudding and marzipan.*

*Not to mention all that work you did with the children, young people and adults.

[Our Wedding] The 'Ding Part 2

Wedding cupcakes by Charlie-Rose

Malc: Suit Slaters, Tie Tie Rack, Shirt Marks & Spencer, Hankie Oxfam (plus hand embroidery), Nom: Dress Homemade, Headband Sophie Dahl (from Her Dandy Wolf). Balloon: a gift from my little sister.

Lighting by David Baxter
Gorgeous food by Syd the Chef

Our photographers constructed a simple, sweet photo booth for our guests to mess around in. The guests diligently obliged and then Sam turned the photos into this:

Our first dance was a fairly pimping Strip the Willow accompanied by our live band (four friends from beach mission and a new friend who called the instructions). I got to dance with every man present (and Malc danced with every woman) twice as we weaved our way down the line of assembled friends and relatives. Constantly spinning all that way was a bit of a epic adventure but I loved it, though I do remember yelling "Please help me I think I'm going to die" to one of the guys near the end of the first lap.

Our wedding photographers were: Sam Kelsall, Jessica Adams and Jack Adams. The final photo by Laura Street. 

London Baby II- bring on next year

Does he look nervous? On Thursday Tom interviewed for a masters at University of Buckingam. We accompanied him to the big city for moral support. 

We "did" the Saatchi Gallery and it "did" us proud: its long qualified as my favourite gallery not necessarily because of its contents but because of how it "does" being a gallery. For a £1 they'll give you the complete listing of works in the show with information on each artist. There are no barriers so you can get up close and smelly with the work. And best of all you can take photos, with no restrictions.

We were reunited with Smithy by the Albert Memorial and made our way to the Lido for coffee before walking to the V&A to meet Nai. 

Keeping up with some favourite haunts we had cookies and milkshake at Ben's cookies in Covent Garden and discovered a new favourite place to sample tea for free, Tea Palace. Then found our way to Leon

Nai took this pic to record our milkshake

I'd strongly recommend the sweet potato falafel. And this pair seemed to enjoy their food too.

The trip was nicely rounded off when Tom got the call to confirm his place on the course next year, whilst driving home into the sunset no less. Well done Smithy.

A year ago...

...we graduated!


Congratulations to the Aber crowd following the same route this year. 

Llangollen 2011

Last week we had the awesomely fun privilege of attending the International Eistedfodd in Llangollen, where Malc was singing with the Cantorion Ostinato Singers. There was a tonne of practising in the run up to their time on stage. The choir have only been together for about 6 months, though previously they have all been - or still are - members of the Elizabethan Madrigal Singers (of Aberystwyth University, of course).

Everyone made a very early start on Friday for the choir's performance in the Chamber Choirs competition. We were all pretty nervous as it was to be their very first public performance. They were up against six other groups from England, Lithuania, the Philippines, Canda, and the USA.

There was a huge level of excitement and fantastic performances. The standard in the Chamber Choirs class is reportedly higher than most and, although Ostinato scored a handsome 82, The Adventist University of the Philippines Ambassador Chior won. These guys went on to win the overall Choir of the World Competition. 

Billed as "the unique international festival" the Llangollen Eistedfodd started shortly after the end of the second world war in an attempt to bring countries together in peace. Its pretty good fun, though mysteriously ignored by nearly everyone outside Wales. The main tent houses formal choral performances of an impressive standards with competitors from all over the world competing in their own language and traditions. Other stages have a different vibe: the S4C stage included smaller bands from a variety of backgrounds, including folk and a local school brass band. There are stalls and shops selling crafts, clothing and food from across the world and everywhere groups of people (usually in matching clothing) rehearsing or singing just for fun. 


After all the hard work the choir relaxed with some drinks to plan out their programme for next years concert, plotting how many competitions they could fit into and testing their tuning against a guitar tuning app. And watched their performance on telly (with full subtitles in English). 

We stayed at a beautiful site next to an Abbey with cottages for rent, a home-grown butchers, coffee shop, and camping facilities (including tent pods). 

Joe and I were the unofficial Official Ostinato WAGs

Every year for a week in July the festival totally takes over this village and from what we saw the locals made all the festival goers very welcome. Its a stunningly beautiful place though, so I reckon its worth a visit when the crowds aren't there. There's beautiful scenery, historic sites, a steam railway, a canal with famous aqueduct and a good chip shop (we recommend the kebab shop at the top end of the high street). 


Jeffer's Birthday Picnic


The Barton Arms: The Vaughns' Birthday

We headed to the Barton Arms for an impressive birthday feast with Mr & Mrs Vaughn and a collection of laughing, gobbling friends.


Hurrah for a holiday!

We hit the Grand Union Canal with 7 lovely people and 69 feet of Narrow Boat Joy and took on the wild waters between Weedon Bec and Great Linford. We played bananagrams, ate cooked breakfasts, pulled off some amazing manoeuvres, read books, got sunburnt, held baby animals, moored up, fed ducks, ate out, ate on, ate in and ate ate ate. And Malc navigated all 2,813 m of the Blisworth Tunnel with just one little bump.

Between busy times of intense relaxation we found time for a spot of food experimentation in the form of: lamb and mint kebabs, stewed strawberries, lavender champagne and some more elderflower cordial.

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21 Again

Mum threw a garden party to celebrate her big birthday. She made a tun of tiny cakes so that everyone could try a bit of each and most people didn't stop at one, particularly with the mini-meringues (topped with chocolate paste).

There was a hammock and two sofas in the garden to lounge on. We decorated with swathes of bunting and a spot of reused tissue paper...


Drank a fair bit of Pimms...

Milled around chatting...

And did a spot of photo boothing in the summer house!


Happy Birthday Jack Adams

We hope you pick a finalist next year.

P+M The Preview

We're very excited to give you a glimpse of the wedding we photographed this weekend. It was utterly beautiful.



Along with a third of the world we were celebrating on Friday. Our party was held at our friend's Staffordshire farmhouse. There was jollity, cups of tea and far FAR too much food. It was great. Thanks to Tom and Helen and, of course, our very best wishes to the royal couple.
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