Alex & Tara- Engagement photos in Aberystwyth

Delighted to meet these guys in [a rather windy] Aberystwyth.

Aberystwyth beach, castle & Penglais Woods

Ellie & Ed - Preview Photos

Quite a few photos in this preview post- we're not going to apologise for struggling to choose between all of these gorgeous moments for this stunner of a day.

If you still want more, check out their engagement photos here.

St Neots Evangelical Church 
The Priory Centre, St Neots
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Aber CU Photo Competition

The Winner- Alistair Brooks
On Monday night we had the pleasure of attending and judging a photo competition, so we thought we'd take a second to share the results with you here as well. What an opportunity to show of some of our favourite Aber Student Photographers and their work!

Thanks to Aber CU for hosting the event and inviting us along. Event photos taken for us by Lara Rose.

P.S If you entered or were at the exhibition get in touch in the comments below!

Paulina Kubala- Third Place
Desislava Sekul- Second Place
Michael Bull (an honourable mention,  very timely!)
Francesca Meath (honourable mention)

warm welcome


Tim & Emma

Some photos from 2009 that I shot in Aberystwyth of Emma & Tim... who's WEDDING we're photographing today! Congratulations from Nom & Malc xx 


Mr & Mrs is the name...

Vintage photos from the National Library of Wales collection.

They're really cool aren't they? I particularly love the double weddings. Imagine getting married with your best friends.

Also, a little tune to get you in the wedding mood :




Bekah Tubbs
Singing with City Church Gospel Choir, Edgbaston High School



Hana Kelly, 22
Just finished a degree in English and Creative Writing
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Ali, 21
Coffee lover reduced to honey and lemon by a cold.




Mimi, 22
Nearly finished in Aberystwyth



Sean, 24
Sushi fan and Skateboarder


Coeur de Neufchatel


Coeur de Neufchatel, heart shape cheese
A new tradition


Aberyswyth, Whitsun 1950

...and "Borth with eldest niece Helen."




Cnob, 26
Bass chorister and rude man


Off to a wedding rehearsal tonight- plenty new photos coming up soon.

We love bubbles in photos. (and Joel!)

D+M The Preview

A sneak peek of Dan and Mel's wedding in Aber on Saturday for you all. There'll be more to follow after their honeymoon, which we hope they are thoroughly enjoying!


A year ago...

...we graduated!


Congratulations to the Aber crowd following the same route this year. 

Llangollen 2011

Last week we had the awesomely fun privilege of attending the International Eistedfodd in Llangollen, where Malc was singing with the Cantorion Ostinato Singers. There was a tonne of practising in the run up to their time on stage. The choir have only been together for about 6 months, though previously they have all been - or still are - members of the Elizabethan Madrigal Singers (of Aberystwyth University, of course).

Everyone made a very early start on Friday for the choir's performance in the Chamber Choirs competition. We were all pretty nervous as it was to be their very first public performance. They were up against six other groups from England, Lithuania, the Philippines, Canda, and the USA.

There was a huge level of excitement and fantastic performances. The standard in the Chamber Choirs class is reportedly higher than most and, although Ostinato scored a handsome 82, The Adventist University of the Philippines Ambassador Chior won. These guys went on to win the overall Choir of the World Competition. 

Billed as "the unique international festival" the Llangollen Eistedfodd started shortly after the end of the second world war in an attempt to bring countries together in peace. Its pretty good fun, though mysteriously ignored by nearly everyone outside Wales. The main tent houses formal choral performances of an impressive standards with competitors from all over the world competing in their own language and traditions. Other stages have a different vibe: the S4C stage included smaller bands from a variety of backgrounds, including folk and a local school brass band. There are stalls and shops selling crafts, clothing and food from across the world and everywhere groups of people (usually in matching clothing) rehearsing or singing just for fun. 


After all the hard work the choir relaxed with some drinks to plan out their programme for next years concert, plotting how many competitions they could fit into and testing their tuning against a guitar tuning app. And watched their performance on telly (with full subtitles in English). 

We stayed at a beautiful site next to an Abbey with cottages for rent, a home-grown butchers, coffee shop, and camping facilities (including tent pods). 

Joe and I were the unofficial Official Ostinato WAGs

Every year for a week in July the festival totally takes over this village and from what we saw the locals made all the festival goers very welcome. Its a stunningly beautiful place though, so I reckon its worth a visit when the crowds aren't there. There's beautiful scenery, historic sites, a steam railway, a canal with famous aqueduct and a good chip shop (we recommend the kebab shop at the top end of the high street). 


I wish I lived here

We visited Kirsty's flat in Aber, which is lovely, so I took some photos to show it off. I think its great the way people girls are forced to adapt their decorating skills in skanky student houses. 

Kirsty's bedroom makes me think she should come and decorate our flat full of lovely things. Or go straight into interior design.

Kirsty's flatmate Laura has a pretty cool room too

And the bathroom: It doesn't let the side down


Aber in the lungs again

Another lovely weekend in Aber with friends (and cake!). Malc sang his heart out and Nom sat around in girlie houses with cups of tea and sunshine. We watched a sunset, laughed a lot then had a picnic in the castle and laughed some more before the rain came and we had to go home.


Mimi, Abi and Pete gave me some of the best hot chocolate in the world for a hen party present. Supplied in powder form it is transformed into a sort of thick chocolate custard when it is cooked. If you can get your hands on some you shouldn't let go. The deli in Aber sells lots of great stuff, this included.


D+N (Part 2)

An early service and meal meant ample time to relax in the glow of the early evening sun as it set over Aber. Some of the younger (and more well-refreshed) guests made good use of the bouncy castle, regardless of the rain water it had collected from earlier in the day.

Making no concession for the older guests, the DJ kicked off with Beyoncé's Halo for the first dance before moving straight into a full set of new dance tunes. The couple impressed everyone by keeping the party going until only the élite remained.


D+N (Part 1)

We've decided it takes more pictures than will comfortably fit in one post to tell the story of our second Summer wedding, so we're splitting Daniel and Naomi's across two.

Just how different can one Aberystwyth wedding be from another? Almost completely as it turns out! Daniel and Naomi's wedding was vivid in every sense, all the way from the personalities involved to the bride's evening dress, which was made by mother of the bride, Lindy. We shouldn't neglect to mention that Lindy also made her own dress, the bride's main dress and the cake!  

Things got really exciting in the Morgan camp when father of the bride, Dill, sprang a surprise horse and cart to get Naomi to the church. It's always a pleasure to witness Welsh weddings because everyone seems to take an interest. Half the road turned out to watch the surprised tears of Naomi and Lindy as they emerged from the house to see their new ride. Naomi's Grandad also lent them an antique Rolls Rocye to carry the new couple from St. Michael's church to the cliff railway.


We organised a quick tour of some sea front landmarks for the couple shots. Daniel and Naomi proved exceptionally good sports and played happily along with our silly requests, even though we'd only met them the day before.




Two weddings today that we wanted to share from last Summer. They happened to take place in not only the same church, but the same reception venue as well. But the similarities pretty much end there.


This was the first wedding we shot together. We were obviously nervous and this feeling was only compounded by the rain (which, really, we should have expected being in Wales), but Sam and Louise were so relaxed that we were able to enjoy it almost as much as they did. We were proud of them for their sunflowers (a relatively late change in florist plans that very much suited their style), their attitudes (if it's not sorted months in advance, or even before the morning, that doesn't matter), and their Ugandan-style bike riding. 

Memorable moments include running half of Aberystwyth's sea front promenade and abandoning a coat behind a bench to keep up with the couple as they cycled past surprised guests and passersby. One of our favourite shots shows Louise perched elegantly on the back of Sam's bike, turning to ask an exhausted Malcolm if he was ok. 

If you're trying to pick a reception venue in Aberystwyth, you couldn't do much better than the restaurant at the top of Consti(tution Hill). Its a tad on the small size for a huge wedding, but the food, even for a large group, has been amazing when we've had the chance to try it. Included in their package is unlimited trips up and down the hill on the funicular railway for all the guests throughout the day until the last person has gone home. The view across the whole town and the bay provides a perfect, typical Aberystwyth backdrop.

The meal was followed by a frenzy of creative activity: one table made their table decorations into a tin-can-style phone, others floated theirs on helium balloons or blew bubbles. There were speeches and a truly celebratory Twpath (the Welsh version of a barn dance).

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