Our Favourites

Nom LOVES spaghetti

Nom loves music by Sheryn Binks

Nom loves letter press prints

Nom loves Scotland

Nom loves fairy lights

Nom loves cake with lots of icing

Nom loves blowing bubbles

Nom loves having a bath

Nom loves chai tea

Nom loves to blog

Malc loves making balloon animals

Malc loves singing with his choir

Malc loves cooking (and eating!)

Malc loves listening to Beyonce!

Malc loves his new coffee grinder

Malc likes cycling

Malc likes fixing (and breaking) computers

Malc loves plantain

Malc loves flamingos

Malc loves late nights

Three weeks before our wedding we began to panic - we still had no photographer!! When a friend put us in touch with Nom and Malc we thought it was too good to be true - not only were they fantastic value for money but most importantly we clicked instantly and they made it clear they knew how important the day was for us. They talked through exactly what we wanted and found ways to provide it also offering their own ideas such as the photo booth. On they day they took every opportunity to capture the joy of ourselves and our guests, we were very happy with our photos and the personalised DVD we received. However what made nom and malc so good and photographers we have recommended and will continue to recommend is the little details, whether it was cleaning champagne off my veil or polishing the grooms shoes! They put it simply themselves when they said on the morning of the wedding `dont worry about us, just enjoy the day`. With nom and malc we didn't have to worry one bit and got fantastic photos to treasure and look back on.